From workshops, to intensive trainings, to pole camps, to coaching gigs—we’ve got it covered.

We know the ins and outs of judging competitions and organizing unique amazing performances. And if you want to create a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable show that’s never been done before, we’ll make sure your vision comes to life.

We’ll be a guide and partner so that you can book the talent you want for your event.


Oona Kivelä


Oona Kivelä is a world champion athlete who competes in the sport of pole art. She is the world’s most decorated pole athlete with four World Championship titles along with gold medals and prestigious titles.

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Allegra Bird

Pole & Hammock

Allegra Bird is a French pole champion, aerialist and dancer. In 2014, she opened her Studio Sport Dance Complex. Allegra is also the creator of the international competition Pole Art France.

Diana Lopez Gomez

Flying Pole & Pole

Diana is the owner of Pole Dance Lanzarote. She is a Spanish pole champion in the ultrapole category and was third in the pole world championship. She has performed on various events and competes around the world.

Saulo Sarmiento

Flying Pole & Pole

Saulo Sarmiento is a professional pole dancer, acrobat and circus artist. Saulo has travelled around the globe. He will be working the following two years with Cirque du soleil.


Handstands, Contortion, Vogue, Pole

Santeri is a contortionist, hand balancer, pole dancer and voguer. Santeri teaches, performs and competes internationally. Currently he is teaching at Pole and Dance studio and he has performed at Lido in Paris.


Edouard Doye

Flying Pole & Pole

Edouard Doye is a French Pole Artist and Acrobat. He is the first man to have won a Pole Art competition. He then started touring with Cirque du soleil. Edouard is a pioneer in the pole dancing world and is the creator of the flying pole and many pole moves.

Nicole Burgio

Trapeze, Handstands, Physical Theatre

Nicole Burgio is an American professional touring circus artist who has performed aerial arts, acrobatics, and physical theater around the world.

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