Chassany Agency masterfully handles event coordination and execution for small and large events alike. We’ll take care of the logistics, management, and planning for your exclusive event and offer advice throughout the journey. That way, all you have to do is sit back and prepare to be awed on the day of the performance. 

We have experience arranging workshops, intensive trainings, pole camps, coaching gigs, and international events. If you’re an event organizer, we also offer consultancy services. Our experts can answer all your questions and help you create a roadmap for a successful event. 


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Our track record:

Pole Theatre Finland

Pole Theatre is more than dance: it’s art, storytelling, and athletic grace on the world’s biggest stage. With dancers present in over 20 countries globally, Pole Theatre is the largest pole competition in the world. 


It all began in Sydney, Australia in 2013 and, this year, Chassany Agency is hosting the first ever Pole Theatre Finland event in the nation’s capital, Helsinki. 

Pole Theatre, and the entire pole community, has grown and evolved immensely over the past years, exploding with popularity. Chassany Agency is leveling up and taking this competition to new heights in Finland. We’re making sure Finland’s first ever Pole Theatre pulls out all the stops for an extraordinary experience. 

OonaK Camp

From the very first edition, Chassany Agency collaborated as a trusted consultant with four-time world champion Oona Kivelä in the organization of OonaK Camps.


Oona chose world class athletes as instructors and shared her vision for the camp with us at Chassany Agency. From there, we handled all the logistics regarding venue preparation and  participant-instructor communications.


With seamless scheduling from Chassany Agency and amazing instructors chosen by Oona, our campers left inspired, uplifted, and challenged by new moves. #TrainLikeOonaK

Pole Art France

Founded by the elegant Allegra Bird in 2015, Pole Art France is an international competition where the elite of pole dance display their unique talents.


Chassany Agency served as a consultant and organizer in the 2018 edition of Pole Art in Paris, France, helping primarily with logistics and communications.