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Who we are

Founded on passion and built on professionalism, Chassany Agency houses the best of the best in the performing arts world. Whether you’re an artist seeking representation or a spectator searching for a special event, Chassany Agency has the expertise and drive to deliver your dream.


What we do 

We are the dreamers, the doers, the show stoppers. Our elite group of physical and aerial performers consists of pole dancers, circus artists, and contortionists all with the same goal: to impress and inspire.


Our mission is two-fold

First, we aim to support the artists and help them achieve their dreams and goals. 

Second, we coordinate stunning events for our customers, customized for their special occasion.


We serve as the bridge between the artists and their audiences. With years of experience coordinating, planning, and managing logistics, artists and spectators can focus on what matters most to them while we handle all the rest.


And as always, trust is a cornerstone of our work. Our artists and audiences entrust their vision to us and it’s our business to turn these dreams into reality.


Our goals are your goals and our job is to help you achieve them.